Case Studies

Research about millennials’ attitude to the tradition of giving flowers.

The study was commissioned by one of the flower shops in Moscow.

Objective of the study is to determine the attitude of the representatives of the “M” generation to the tradition of giving flowers in the digital age.

Research method: survey.

Geotargeting: Moscow, places with high traffic flow.

Target group: men and women from 18 to 25 years old.

Sampling and scope: 1356 people.

To achieve the goals identified at the preparatory stage, the study participants were asked 3 main questions:
  • Do you give flowers to your loved ones?
68% (922 people)
Don’t give
32% (434 people)

  • What flowers do you prefer to give?
Mixed flower arrangements
43% (583 people)
36% (488 people)
Other flowers
21% (285 people)

  • What is acceptable average price for a flower arrangement?
up to 1500 rubles
56% (759 people)
up to 1000 rubles
18% (244 people)
up to 2000 rubles
15% (204 people)
up to 800 rubles
11% (149 people)

Conclusion: Despite the rapid development of technologies and the digitalization of society, young people are positive about buying flowers as a gift to their soulmates for special events or just as compliment. Both classic bouquets of roses and mixed flower arrangements are popular. The recommended price segment is from 1000 rubles to 1500 rubles. The trend for dried flowers is rapidly gaining popularity.