Case Studies

Research in the framework of the project "The flower therapy".

An independent research on the effect of flower therapy on patients undergoing rehabilitation in medical institutions.

The objective of the study is to determine the effect of flowers as a tool to stimulate a patient's recovery.

Research method: observation.

Geotargeting: a private medical institution in the Moscow region.

Target group: patients in general therapy wards.

Observation period: 3 months.

The study was conducted in three wards of general therapy: 2 female's wards, 1 male's ward. There were 6-8 patients in each ward. In total 378 people took part in the study.

The study was conducted for 3 months. During this period, vases with cut flowers of different types and colors were installed in two wards (female and male). In the third ward, flower arrangements were not placed; patients' relatives and vistors were also advised not to bring flowers.

Throughout the study period, patients' health indicators were recorded on daily basis.

According to the results of the study, it was revealed that patients from the wards with flowers recovered 14.3% faster than patients from the wards without flowers. The gender of the patients did not affect the results of the study.

Thus we defined that the contemplation of fresh flowers can positively affect the improvement of the emotional state of patients during rehabilitation, and thereby contribute to their quick recovery.